Monday, October 11, 2010

vegan cooking

hello, welcome to my first posting about vegan cooking.  it is not complicated to cook vegan style, learn to become friends with a chopping board and a good knife. there are so many veggies to try and grains to mix in with herbs and spices. yum. everytime you try a recipe it can be totally different. so many websites with great recipes. so many cookbooks to preview. you dont have to go vegan over night. give up eggs or cheese first and then try deleting the other. switching to rice milk is also a ways to avoid dairy. you will feel so healthy, so clean. still lots of yummy desserts and treats, for the sweet tooth in you. after awhile, you will think about what you are putting into your body. "garbage in, garbage out". when you eat something rich and heavy, you feel so gross afterwards.  think about that before you polish off the big piece of cake or whole bag of chips. give your body the healthy fuel it needs. check out, try the 21 day challenge! you can do it